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Guideline for Environmental Education
Environmental Education as a compulsory subject has been included in Higher Secondary Examination from 2007 by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.
  1. Environmental Education in Higher Secondary Examination is of one paper and carries 100 marks. Each student of Higher Secondary Course must appear at the examination in the subject. A minimum of 30 (Thirty) marks out of 100 (One hundred) has to be obtained by each examinee in the Higher Secondary Examination. Examinee failing to score 30(thirty) marks in this subject will be declared as disqualified in the Higher Secondary Examination. Marks obtained in the subject of Environmental Education will be recorded in the mark sheet.
  2. The entire syllabus of Environmental Education is taught throughout Class XI and Class XII. But the examination is held at the end of Class XII conducted by the Council covering the syllabus of both Class XI and XII as mentioned above.
  3. In the school routine, one period may be allotted per week both in Class XI and XII Classes and Project work should be organized / conducted during vacations and holidays if necessary. The distribution of marks is 40 for theoretical examination and 60 for project work and related Viva Voce.
  4. The evaluated project reports of examinees should be preserved by the respective schools till 30th November of the year of examination.
  5. Marks obtained by the student in the Project Work on Environmental Education should be submitted by the Institution in the filled in format supplied by the Council to the regional Offices of the Council in triplicate in three separate sealed envelopes at the time of submitting the Enrolment Forms of the Regular Candidates under new syllabus.
  6. The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education conducts the theoretical examination (40 marks) on Environmental Education as per the schedule of the class XII examination.
  7. A candidate shall, in order to be declared Passed in the Higher Secondary Examination, has to obtain Thirty Marks in Environmental Education taking together the theoretical paper and project thereon. To put it more clearly it is clarified that a candidate shall have to sit for the Theoretical Examinations of Environmental Education even if he/she secures Pass marks in Project work. Both the Theoretical Examination and Project work are compulsory for a candidate.
  8. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) pattern is followed for the theoretical paper of Environmental Education. Specific OMR answer sheets are supplied to the candidates for answering those questions.
  9. The theoretical paper of Environmental Education carries 40 marks and the duration of examination is One hour.
  10. Grade in the Environmental Education is classified as follows:

    80 - 100 : A+ (Excellent)
    60 - 79 : A (Very Good)
    45 - 49 : B (Good)
    30 - 44 : C (Satisfactory)
    Below 30 : D (Disqualified)

    N.A. (Not Awarded) will be printed in the column of Grade, if the candidate fails to submit the Project and / or does not appear in the theoretical examination.
  11. The four projects of Environmental Education shall have to be completed by the students in the course of two years time (Class XI & XII).